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What is and why should I use it: Welcome to All Whois is a Domain record and IP record search utility. We are able to search for all Global top-level (gTLD) domains, and all Country code top-level (ccTLD) domain name registration information including the newly added and assigned IDN (non-English) domain name extensions. We are also capable of searching for information records on any assigned IP address. We'll also be adding any new domain extension search as it goes public, so this will be your one stop site for the Whois information of any existing domain name or IP address. Most Whois records include information about the domain registrant, administrative, billing and technical contacts including the mailing/actual address, email address, telephone and fax numbers, DNS servers, domain registration date, domain expiry date. This tool is also valuable for those in the process of finding a good domain name to register. You will be able find out if your desired domain name is available or already registered. We are still in the Beta stage, if you find any errors or discover any domain extension that is not included here please contact us and tell us about it. Enjoy your stay!

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